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How to Post in the Forum in 5 Easy Steps

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

STEP 1: Click the discussions button at the top of the site

STEP 2: Click the login button

STEP 3: Log in, using the credentials you created when you first accessed the site. If this is you first time accessing the Forum, create a new login.

STEP 4: Once logged in, to access The Forum, click on General Discussion

STEP 5: To create a new post or discussion thread, click on the Create New Post button

We have created a few categories to help keep our posts organized and to be a member driven society.

General Discussions are for all general topics.

Who needs a hug?: A place to post if you or another member needs support.

Business Issues: A place to post questions or advice regarding your business or job opportunities.

Publications/Podium/Appointments: A place to brag about upcoming talks, publications and appointments.

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