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The Forum Board announces the first annual call for proposals supported by Pam’s Fund.

This call is for a single project, funded at $5,000. Sample project ideas are listed below, but we encourage creativity in your request. Please submit sufficient detail in your proposal, using guidelines noted below for specific project types. If you create your own project type, please provide a similar level of detail to that requested below.

Proposals will be reviewed and ranked by the the Pam’s Fund committee and the top three proposals will advance to a membership vote to be held at the Annual Meeting (membership will be blinded to author identity). The author need not be present to win. The winning participant will provide a presentation regarding her work, one year later, at the Annual Meeting following receipt of the award. Proposals will be evaluated, in part, on the extent to which they uphold the
mission statement and vision of The Forum.


To support the fellowship, education, advancement, and success of women in orthopaedic sports medicine by encouraging, stimulating, and sharing information in arthroscopic surgery, sports-related injuries, and orthopaedic industry and technology.


1. Maintain a safe, collegial, fun community to help our members achieve their full potential in their careers and lives away from orthopaedic surgery.
2. Maintain a premier supportive organization for women in orthopaedic sports medicine
fostering excellence in clinical care, education, research, and leadership.
3. Encourage women to become orthopaedic sports medicine surgeons and be the best
that they can be.


1. December 15, 2023 – proposals due
2. ~January 15, 2024 (
at Forum Annual Meeting) – membership vote and winner announced
3. June 15, 2024 – Zoom progress report/check-in with Pam’s Fund Committee members
4. January following award – presentation at Forum Annual Meeting

Potential Projects:

Outreach/Traveling Showcase:

We hope to fund a “showcase” of 1-2 Forum members who would travel together to serve as experts/ambassadors at various academic programs across the country. This group would increase their own notoriety as expert speakers and would provide positive exposure for The Forum and for women orthopedic sports medicine specialists, particularly in locations where such exposure is limited. A proposal should include the following details:

  • Names, topics for traveling team.

  • Proposed travel sites – expectation is for 2-4 sites that can be visited in a single ‘tour' or in separate trips at different times of the year.

  • Reimbursement will be provided for flights/hotel/meal stipend to a total of $5,000 per annual award. We anticipate that expenses would be offset by local institutions to a variable extent.

  • Invoicing required for expense payment/reimbursement

  • Talks will be previewed and feedback provided by an ad hoc committee of Forum members before travel.


Sponsor/Mentor Scholarship:

Forum members may apply to sponsor young women (medical student or resident) to support and inspire them to pursue a career in orthopedic sports medicine. This might include travel expenses for a remote mentee to come to work with her mentor, or may include travel for the mentee to attend a course/meeting with her mentor. This category calls for creativity in design with preference given to proposals that will provide mentorship where it was absent. Sufficient funds must be reserved to allow the mentee to attend the subsequent Forum Annual Meeting as a guest.

  • Invoicing required for expense reimbursement.

  • Mentor and mentee will co-present at the Annual Forum Meeting.


We aim to fund an independent project or supplement an existing project with a single award of $5,000. Please submit an OREF style proposal (attached) that meets the following criteria:

  • Forum member must be PI.

  • Project duration is no longer than 3 years after award receipt.

  • 1 year no-cost extension will be considered for extenuating circumstances.

  • Invoicing required for expense reimbursement.

  • Recipient will present project summary at: 1) The Forum Annual Meeting, one year post-funding, and 2) upon project completion.

  • Resultant abstracts, posters, presentations, publications must acknowledge funding from The Pam Whitehead Forum Fund

Educational Opportunities:

Forum members are encouraged to consider unique educational opportunities that would benefit themselves and other members of The Forum, or the organization as a whole. A proposal for an educational opportunity should offer a creative growth experience that will empower the applicant to serve our community.

  • Invoicing required for expense reimbursement.

  • Project must be completed in its entirety prior to the subsequent Annual Forum meeting.


Charitable Projects:


  • A member may apply to utilize funds for a charitable project that aligns with the Mission and Vision of The Forum. Members may propose participation in an existing organization (such as the Perry Initiative) or create their own project. Creativity is encouraged as is an emphasis on women’s healthcare initiatives and global orthopedic experiences.

  • Invoicing required for expense reimbursement.

  • Project must be completed in its entirety prior to the subsequent Annual Forum meeting.

Project Application

Please complete the form to submit your project proposal.


If you are submitting a research proposal, use the application accessed HERE.


Thanks for submitting!

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