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Forum Member Michelle Wolcott MD Recognized in the AOSSM Newsletter

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Recently, the American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine (AOSSM) community sent out a renewal newsletter, and Michelle Wolcott MD was mentioned by name!

Here is the excerpt:

"Guided by a specialized task force, AOSSM’s Statement on Diversity and Inclusion will serve as a model for all elements of our organization, from educational planning to leadership development. We will continue to be at the forefront as we develop a module series addressing sexual abuse, led by Michelle Wolcott and the U.S. Center for Safe Sport."

We want to extend our congratulations to Michelle for her work on diversity and inclusion.

If you are considering renewing your AOSSM membership, here are a few of their highlighted plans for 2020:

  • A wealth of AOSSM CME opportunities through exclusive webinars focused on timely topics and two planned Surgical Skills events.

  • Expansion of a hallmark AOSSM offering – the AOSSM Traveling Fellowship Program – to include five tours, the most ever in our history.

  • Continued collaboration with partner societies and international colleagues at the 2021 AOSSM Annual Meeting in Nashville. Exciting news to come!

  • A second session of the immensely popular monthly AOSSM Fellows Webinar Series.

  • Exciting new events for our emerging members, including a series of monthly Emerging Leaders Nightcap Sessions and an exclusive Emerging Leaders Retreat at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

  • The launch of a new Video Journal of Sports Medicine (VJSM) in the first quarter of the year.

You can renew your AOSSM membership HERE.

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