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Mercer MD

Hand, Elbow, Upper Extremity and Microvascular Surgery

Dr. Deana Mercer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, at the University of New Mexico. She received fellowship training at the University of Washington in Seattle in Shoulder, Elbow surgery followed by a second fellowship in Hand and Microvascular surgery.

Dr. Mercer has been an attending physician at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center for almost a decade. Her expertise in nerve repair and orthopedic trauma have been revolutionary to facilitating higher percentages of good clinical outcomes within the department.

Dr. Mercer has worked closely with Axogen Inc. and Skeletal Dynamics over the years to incorporate their nerve repair technology and implants into her practice. She has published papers on the effectiveness of using autografts and allografts in her own patient populations, along with the types of implants that should be used in fracture fixation. She has hosted many teaching labs across the nation to share her knowledge with other practitioners. She continues to make strides in advancing surgical techniques for her patients and for the medical community at large.


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