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The Forum Meeting Agenda

Hello everyone,

We are quickly approaching the meeting and a chance to see our friends and colleagues. I am very excited to see so many of our members on the podium and moving up the hierarchy of these groups.

We are excited that over 40 members are planning to attend! Please check the attached list to confirm that your name is on it if you are attending. If not, please email Molly so you will be included in announcements and updates.

Next, please RSVP if you plan to attend the Forum dinner on Friday 7/9/21 6:30 at the NashHouse Southern Spoon. We must give them our attendance by Monday, so respond NOW. We are almost at room capacity, so this is a members only dinner. It is within walking distance of the Westin and should be fun. If you didn't get an evite, I just missed you, so let us know.

Molly has created the Itinerary spotlighting Forum speakers and functions (attached). We tried to include everyone, but if we missed something, please let us know. Please encourage any female surgeons who may be interested to come by the Forum area of the reception and our sessions.

The presidents of AOSSM and AANA will join us in a toast Thursday from 5-5:30, so please keep your whites clean!

Looking forward to seeing everyone very soon,


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thanks Deb see you soon

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