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Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Hey ladies,

Welcome back from a great meeting! We had a very productive a fun few days in Phoenix. This year the board made a few clarifications with regard to membership qualifications and created a new MEMBERSHIP TOOLKIT that will be included on the website. Many of the common questions are answered here and the entire process is laid out, along with deadlines. Please review the process and let me know if you have any questions. That being said, it is time to begin recruiting for 2023. The application is now in PDF format and will be on the website for you to send at any time. A couple of reminders 1) each member (in good standing) may nominate AND second 2 new candidates each year. If you have nominated candidates who could not come this year but are being invited next year, you may still nominate and second 2 more candidates. Four (4) new candidates were able to attend and are now eligible for voting into membership. Please respond only to me with your votes. Abstention from voting is considered a "yes" vote so please be considerate of input and VOTE! A simple majority vote is required for acceptance. The eligible candidate members are: BALLOT

  1. Nicole Belkin

  2. Diane Hillard-Sembell

  3. Jothi Murali

  4. Vonda Wright

Several candidates were invited this year and could not come. They will be invited next year. FUTURE CANDIDATES

  1. Pam Lang

  2. Melissa Christino

  3. Corinna Franklin

  4. Molly Tatum

  5. Meredith Mayo

  6. Rachel Frank

We are all looking forward to seeing members at AAOS, AANA, AOSSM breakfasts and meetings in person this year so be sure to invited interested candidates so that we can get to know them!

Submit your votes here: Best to you all for a great year! Michelle

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