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In this modern era, it's imperative for every medical professional to establish their online presence through a website. This not only enhances your practice but also serves as a valuable tool for attracting new clients, showcasing your qualifications and accomplishments, connecting with peers and patients, and securing a dedicated online space for people to learn more about you.

We are excited to introduce a special website promotion. Our in-house webmaster will craft a website tailored to your needs and seamlessly link it to the official forum site. This initiative not only strengthens your online presence but also contributes to the overall legitimacy of our organization, while positively impacting search engine optimization (SEO).

Whether you currently lack a website or have one in need of a makeover or rebranding, we've got you covered. We are actively collaborating with our webmaster to develop cost-effective solutions that can help all our members enhance their online visibility.



Single page, informational website-

These sites are a single page, and include a photo, bio, specialties, and contact information.



5 page, extended informational site-

These websites are five pages- Homepage, About/Bio, CV, Media, and Contact. There is a dedicated space to upload any links or videos.



5+ page full-site-

These sites include the five existing pages, plus other features like blogs, online bookings, document archives, galleries, testimonials etc.. The price for these sites varies depending on functionality needed and can be discussed and finalized with the webmaster directly.


The other associated costs are web hosting (about $175 per year), and maintenance. If you need help uploading documents, adding videos/articles/features, or blogging services, our webmaster is available at a rate of $25 per hour.


Below is an example of the full-site of one of our members, Dr. Karen Sutton.


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